Web application for online exam preparation

For a client of a customer of ours we developed a strategy to bring an existing CD-ROM solution online.

To prepare for the angler's license exam you can now use this web page – if you are living in the Baden-Wurttemberg area of Germany.

The website contains all the over 700 questions the official exam contains. The user can choose to learn all, remaining or only wrongly answered questions or take a sample exam. The user's progress is shown in several donut-shaped charts that show the progress in every category.

The website is designed with Responsive Design in mind, so content is always usable regardless of the device used.

Because the software is accompanying the official book published by the state's department, one can use the provided activation code of the book free of charge.

Boland Werbung made the concept, design, programming and handling of the site, mimicking a former Adobe Flash-based Windows application. The exam is done by a Joomla component handling question set management, activation and user's progress.

Main learning section with visual feedback

Filters for defining set of questions

Statistics screen for user's progress

Responsive Design for mobile experience